Our recent achievements


Live the #Nordicity

Born from the love of the Côte-Nord and the way of life in the region, the partnership with the Puyjalon distillery aims to promote the know-how of the North Shore and the spirits of northern Quebec.

Distillerie Puyjalon

Distillerie Charlevoyou

Agricultural spirits & circular economy

We approached the Migneron Family as soon as we knew they were embarking on the spirits adventure. We were seduced by this circular philosophy of transforming cow's and sheep's whey into distillate to create gins and eaux-de-vie, we wanted to be part of this epic!

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At the heart of food mediation

Our collaboration with renowned Charlevoix restaurateurs was born out of a shared desire to create personalized, promising, inspiring content around local cuisine and organic wines.

Restaurant Faux Bergers & La Louve, buvette gentille


Reflected for the television show Y'a du Monde à Messe on Télé-Québec, the YAMM personalized cuvées project aims to raise funds for the social integration group Paradoxe.


Drink for a good cause


Curieux Vino

Behind every wine, there is a winemaker!

Developed in partnership with Christian Bégin, the Curieux Vino personalized cuvées project aims to promote the work of the winemaker in a daring visual approach.