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Distillery Puyjalon

Live the #northicity

  • Brand positioning and content strategy

  • Content creation

  • Representation

Born from the love of the Côte-Nord and the way of life in the region, the partnership with the Puyjalon distillery aims to promote the know-how of the North Shore and the spirits of northern Quebec.


Collaboration with Quebec producers was a more than natural step for our agency. The desire to get closer to local entrepreneurs, stimulate our economy and make people discover the riches of our land. We are fortunate to be partners with Mario Noël, who operates the northernmost distillery in Quebec: The Puyjalon Distillery in Havre St-Pierre. Mario is an entrepreneur, curious and bon vivant who wanted to create spirits highlighting his region, the know-how of Havre St-Pierre and to offer a legacy to his community.

In the rise of Quebec spirits, how do you bring out the brand, the value of the distillery and the history of a region? It is alongside Mario that we have developed the brand positioning of his distillery as well as a content strategy in order to promote its products with authenticity and uniqueness.

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