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Our  products

Products at the SAQ

We represent a hundred products at the SAQ, from producers all over the world. We have a selection of products available year round in a large number of branches as well as a selection of products that arrive in batches a few times a year. Most of our products are available for purchase online on the platform

We also own the Louis Roche brand, a selection of French wines of great reputation in Quebec. Class, finesse and consistency are the distinguished characteristics of the brand, which signs more than sixty wines, all bottled at the property in the great regional French vineyards. Identifying the LR stamp in SAQ is a guarantee of quality!

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Private import products

We represent a selection of products that are not found in the SAQ network, but in direct order with our agency via this platform.


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Custom wine

We have developed the unique expertise in creating personalized cuvées from our winegrowers for corporate clients, events and birthdays. More information HERE

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