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- Savoy, France -

Wines of Envy

A real wine for friends!


This is the story of two winegrowers who met and decided to share their knowledge to produce exceptional wines. 

Guillaume Lavie and Maxime Dancoine have been described as "Grand Vigneron of Tomorrow" as their products are original and delicious.


Certified organic or biodynamic, the objective is to offer wines that break the codes of traditional French agriculture. Produced under the Bugey-Savoie appellation, these wines are a concentrate of innovative know-how and daring practices.

These wines are as much for insiders as amateurs. It's a real wine for friends, which will not leave you hungry!  


Our story with Guillaume and Maxime

It was Géraldine who met Maxime and Guillaume at Vinexpo Paris in 2019. Géraldine first noticed the influx of people at the booth of these two nice winegrowers, and wanted to get out of the game. The game was easy! From the first conversations, the conversation was organic, fluid and the philosophies came together; that was all it took to start a relationship based on a passion for natural wines and friendly relations!

Discover their wines:

A little anecdote to share with friends

The cultivation of the vine dates back to the Allobroges, according to some writings. In the Middle Ages, the monks extended the vineyard to the steep slopes of the Alps and to the fertile plains, until the 19th century.

The modernization of cultivation and winemaking methods and the control of yields caused a qualitative leap, a boom accentuated by the development of winter tourism.

From Lake Geneva to the south of Chambéry, the Savoyard vineyard occupies the first slopes of the Alps, between 300 and 600 m. Between lakes, mountain pastures, chalets and orchards, the vines form a complex mosaic of microclimates and terroirs with more or less accentuated mountain characteristics.

A good glue for you 


What grape varieties are used in the production of Savoie wines?

The answer : 

Reds: mondeuse; gamay; Pinot Noir
Whites: jacquère (majority); highness; bergeron (roussanne); Chasselas; chardonnay; gringet

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