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-Languedoc-Roussillon, France-

Clos Troteligotte

A domain that lives to the rhythm of the moon!


In 2003, Emmanuel joined his father and decided to take over the family estate and bet on modernity. Certified in 2014, organic winegrower, he decided to go even further, and embarked on a biodynamic movement .  

The specificity of this terroir is a high concentration of iron bringing minerality, freshness and complexity to the wines produced.


Our story with Emmanuel

Thanks to our good friend and former colleague Jean-Christophe, André and Carole were put in contact with Emmanuel; a ''young winegrower'' friend of Jean-Christophe's brother in France.  André and Carole went to visit him in Cahors and it was love at first sight for his biodynamic philosophy! A passionate local, inventive, productive! We have made its wines known to our private import customers and in 2021, the SAQ has even selected its K-Libre for its shelves!  

Discover their wines:

A little anecdote to share with friends

The origin of Cahors wines comes from antiquity and Roman activity 2000 years earlier.

In the Middle Ages, it was nicknamed black wine. It was by appearing on the table of the future King of England on his wedding day that he gained notoriety.

During this period, the Malbec grape variety originating from the Cahors region is used as the mass wine.

Biodynamics is a movement well beyond organic farming. It is a principle that consists of recreating harmonious links with nature by reconnecting plants to the influences of heaven and earth. It is a question of using the cosmic rhythms and the influence of the moon appropriately for the benefit of the vine.

A good glue for you 


Where is the Cahors vineyard located?

A. In Languedoc

B. In the South West of France

C. In Burgundy

D. In the Rhone Valley

answer: B

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