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Carole Marois


André Beaulieu


Anne-Julie Beaulieu


Geraldine Beaulieu

Our family

It was our Mom who first fell in love with the world of wines and spirits when we were still very young. We grew up with stacks of wine cases in our home, dinners with producer friends, and countless wine fairs!


Our dad got on board in 2010 to strengthen the company's sales and marketing expertise. As for us, it was only after completing our studies in communications and gaining work experience in television and advertising that we finally took the leap and joined the family business. After all, blood is thicker than wine!  


We grew our business in line with our mother’s inspiring vision, forging strong relationships with environmentally conscious producers who are committed to progressive initiatives to protect our planet.

Our background in communications allows us to take our agency to new heights—one where the producer is at the heart of it all, with its unique story and philosophy. We are the agency that shares stories, from grape to glass, from producers to homes. This storytelling is a central part of how we represent our producers, as well as how we approach all the content we create.

Listen to this podcast to get to know us better!

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As an agency operating in Quebec, our role is to support our global producers in marketing their product portfolio to the Société des Alcools du Québec (SAQ) and within the private import network. By working as a team with our producers to develop their brand story, personality and key messaging, we define an action plan to allow them to break into the market, promote their philosophy, reach their target audience, and hit their sales objectives.

Our role

Our difference

  • Over 40 years of expertise in the Quebec market

  • Meticulous selection of producers to foster lasting partnerships

  • Personalized service and availability for each of our producers

  • Transparency and loyalty

  • Strategic consulting and content creation services to optimize and grow product market share

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