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How does the SAQ work?

The SAQ (Société des Alcools du Québec) is a government corporation whose mandate is to market alcoholic beverages within Quebec. There are 400 SAQ stores across Quebec + the digital platform for online purchases.


Product categories

Current supply: over 5,000 cases / year

Continuous supply: over 1,500 cases / year

Batch supply: 100 to 500 cases, once a year

If the product is successful, it could be renewed annually.

SAQ store types
SAQ Classique: mainly current supply products
SAQ Sélection: current supply products and specialty products, similar to a cellar model
SAQ Express: smaller selection of current supply products
SAQ Dépôt: discount store for bulk quantities

How can I get my product at the SAQ?

To register a wine in the SAQ network, you must first submit a proposal.


1 – Registration form and a fee of $220 CAD per product, valid for one year.

The proposal may be updated once submitted, for example to modify the vintage, quantity, or an awarded medal.


2 - If the product stands out, SAQ analysts request samples for tasting.


3 - Tasting with SAQ analysts (an average of 150 wines are tasted during this period).


4 - If the product is selected, the SAQ places an order.

How are agents compensated?

The SAQ is responsible for paying suppliers and makes a payment after 30 days of storage in Quebec. After an order is placed, it takes about 60 days to receive a payment from the SAQ.

Agency commission fee: 10% + 5% for promotion (promotion varies based on product type)

 The commission is added to your starting price. For example, if your price is 42 € net per case of 12 bottles, then 42 € divided by 0.85 (15% commission) equals 49.41 €.

How to select the right product for the SAQ?

It is unrealistic to create a proposal for each of your products. We advise you to be strategic in your selection and register 1-3 products based on the SAQ’s needs, which are presented every year.  

What are the selection criteria?

Value for money

  • Medals and awards won at international competitions within the last 3 years (Decanter, Hachette, Concours de Paris, Parker, James Suckling, etc.)

  • Global sales volume

  • Certifications (Terra Vitis, CarboNzero, Organic, Biodynamic, Nature, Vegan, Demeter, etc.)

  • Notoriety of the estate / vineyard



We recommend you browse for wines and pricing from similar producers. This will help you reflect on your market positioning.

How does private importation work in Quebec?

Private importation into Quebec also transacts through the SAQ, but there are no restrictions on product choice. Private importation is typically for catering or for direct sale to the consumer. The purchase of private imports is done at checkout only. The private import market is a niche market and does not represent a large volume of sales.


Complete this form and return it to us so that we may place the order.

How do I register for the SAQb2b platform?

Visit the SAQb2b website and consult the guide HERE .

How do I create a proposal to submit to the SAQ?

Log in to your SAQb2b  account and consult the guide HERE.

Who covers transportation fees?

Transportation is paid for by the SAQ, who will contact you to determine the pick-up date at the vineyard.


• The SAQ issues a purchase order in SAQb2b. The supplier accepts the order.

• The supplier receives pick-up information from their country's shipping company.

• The supplier covers costs associated (55 euros).

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