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- Havre Saint-Pierre, Quebec -

Distillery Puyjalon 

Taste the nordicity of Quebec!


The Puyjalon Distillery produces quality spirits imbued with Nordicity.

The story begins in 2018, 4 friends decide to join forces to create the Puyjalon Distillery. They settled in Havre-Saint-Pierre, which made this company the most northern distillery in Quebec.

It was in 2019 that the first Gin was released: the Betchwan (which means "strait where the current is strong in both directions"). Name inspired by a village abandoned in 1890, where Count Henry Puyjalon died.


Our story with Mario

It was Géraldine who developed the relationship with Mario. In the midst of a pandemic, Mario wanted to position his brand and consolidate his achievements with the SAQ. Géraldine told him about us, our expertise in communication and we agreed to represent his products in SAQ in addition to developing the positioning of the distillery. It is together that we have thought about the scope of the term ''nordicity'' for the distillery and it is under this axis that we have sought to promote all the products of Puyjalon ever since!

Discover their products:

A little anecdote to share with friends

  1. Gin was invented around 1650 by a Dutch doctor (Franciscus Sylvius) who thought he had discovered a new cure.

  2. Quebec gins increasingly compete with internationally known brands (eg Gin BeOrigin).

  3. The secret of a good gin and tonic does not only lie in the quality of the gin, but also depends on the size of the ice cubes and the quality of the tonic.

A good glue for you 


Who is the first female distiller in Quebec?

1) Isabelle Rochette – Cirka Distillery of Montreal

2) Caroline Doyle – Puyjalon Distillery in Havre-Saint-Pierre

3) Hélène Dumont – Fils du Roy Distillery in Saint-Arsène

4) Amélie-Kim Boulianne - Secret Society Distillery in Gaspésie

Answer: Hélène Dumont from Distillerie Fils du Roy


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