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- Charlevoix, Quebec -

Migneron Family Distillery

A circular economy family

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The Migneron de Charlevoix family has been recognized for its cheeses for nearly 30 years. The next generation of the company has chosen to integrate wines and spirits into its development and above all, to work in total circular economy for all its products.  

Following this principle, Madeleine and Alexandre distill the cheese dairy's whey (called whey) to create original and unique spirits.


Our history with the Migneron Family

It was Géraldine and Anne-Julie who developed the relationship with Madeleine and Alexandre. Over the course of the conversations, we have developed a work formula that allows us to represent the distillery both in terms of sales and communications. We were happy to accompany them in the marketing of their Eau-de-vie de Petit-lait and we are preparing the marketing of new products with them!  

Check out their product:

A little anecdote to share with friends

The brandy originated in the 13th century when an alchemist thought he had found the elixir of long life. At the time, many virtues were attributed to it: prolonging youth, dissipation of superfluous humors, preservation of health...

Then called "aqua vitaé" or "hot water", today eau de vie refers to an alcoholic product obtained from the distillation of fermented juice, fruit or food substances.

A good glue for you 


According to you, what is the normal duration of fermentation of raw materials to obtain brandy?

“At temperatures close to 20°C, it takes two to three weeks. Fermentation lasts a little longer for quinces, grape marcs and cherries. It also lasts longer when temperatures vary. Once fermentation is complete, the closed containers must be brought to the custom distiller as soon as possible so that he can make the eau-de-vie. The time of distillation plays a decisive role in the quality of the finished product. »


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