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-Loire Valley, France-

Loire Properties

Unity is always strength! 

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Established in the Loire Valley since 1872, Loire Propriétés is recognized for the quality of its award-winning wines and for its ability to innovate.

Rich  of one  recognized know-how, Loire Properties  is  a  group  of  companies  Who  articulates  around  of  4 cooperative cellars , a distillery , and a  company  of  trading .  

Loire Properties is therefore above all a group that unites its strengths and skills in order to promote Loire wines.


Our history with Loire Properties

It was Carole and André who developed the relationship with Loire Properties while they were looking for fine Saumurs for their portfolio. Thanks to the contact of a friend, they met the people of the Roux vineyard and La Chernardière, the rest is history  ! 

Vinconseil signed its first cuvées under the Louis Roche brand with its winegrowers and thus were born Saumur blanc and Saumur rouge Louis Roche, which have become classics in the SAQ!



Discover their wines:


A little anecdote to share with friends

Vines already existed when the Romans invaded the  The Loire Valley  but the wine was not really exploited.

Legend says that Saint Martin was the first to produce wine in the region. It was in 380.

Then the production of wine developed very rapidly. On both banks of the Loire, winegrowers made white wine. Higher up the hills, they favored red wine.

As in  Burgundy , most of the vineyards belonged to monasteries. It was the monks who largely contributed to the development of wine throughout the Loire region.

A good glue for you 


Name 5 AOC present in the Loire vineyards

The answer : 

Sancerre, Saumur, Bourgueil, Vouvray, Muscadet

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